¿Hola, como estás?

Are you planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, or would you like to brush up on your Spanish? The TBB members who are dedicated to attending our practice group regularly are reaping the rewards of better speaking and understanding of Spanish. Regular attendee and founder of the group, Jake Simpson, said, “Wow! Those of us who have attended three of these conversation practices agree that our Spanish skills are skyrocketing.”

We’ve had quite a few TBB members visit the practice group, from beginners to native speakers. Our meetings are full of fun, sharing, and learning. People bring dictionaries, verb books, Spanish language newspapers, and member Liliana Nealon donated copies of her bilingual book, Cuentos Gemelos, for everyone to read.

We converse about holidays, current events, things happening in our lives, and more. We have found online resources for people to study at home between meetings such as Duolingo.

It’s great fun, and we’re thinking about ways to include more native speakers and possibly take some interesting field trips.
You do not have to pay any $TD to attend, but your RSVP is appreciated. The group meets every two weeks at the Boulder Public Library, in the Flagstaff Room, from 4:00 to 5:00PM. Please join us!