Members and prospective members at invited to our next board meeting, this evening, Thursday, October 12, 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. via Zoom. We’d love to have you join us, even if for just a few minutes. We start the meeting with introductions but if you can’t join at the beginning, we’ll invite you to introduce yourself soon after you join. We truly value inputs from all.

Here’s the Zoom info:
Passcode: 123
Meeting ID: 957 4849 0529

Here’s the proposed agenda:
7:15 Socializing opportunity
7:30 Introductions and Check-In’s – INFORMATIONAL
7:35 Additions/changes to the proposed agenda? – DECISION
7:36 Approval of minutes from previous meeting – DECISION
7:37 Confirmation of how this board meeting will be conducted – DECISION
7:37 Review of application(s) to join TimeBank Boulder Board of Directors – DECISION
7:37 Primary Coordinator and board members report on their activities (mostly not including
items listed in the “Action Items” section of this agenda) – INFORMATIONAL
Primary Coordinator – Howard
Secretary – Mary
Treasurer – JoAn
Membership – Don
Organizational Members – Naomi
Member Services – Don
Marketing – Don
At-large – Angela
At-large – Sean
8:00 Priorities, goals & strategies for 2023 – Don – DISCUSSION
8:01 Review of action items – Don – INFORMATIONAL
8:16 Plans for next meeting – Don – INFORMATIONAL
8:18 Closing remarks – DISCUSSION
8:23 Adjourn

RSVPs are nice but not necessary.