It’s true; we live in a busy world. I discovered that some people say they don’t have time to fulfill offers. I have found one way to make more time to be of service to the community is to offer things that you’re doing anyway! And structure offers so they fit your schedule.

For example, someone who does their grocery shopping near where another member lives can pick things up for the member who doesn’t drive or is ill. It adds only the drive to drop off or pick up the book on the way to somewhere you were headed anyway, and you are providing a great service to someone who has no car or is homebound.

Here’s another example: Let’s say you have a dog that you walk every day to the park. You could add another dog and earn $TD while giving your dog a playmate and doing something you were doing anyway.
Are you a good cook? By arranging in advance for ingredients and timing, you could offer cooking for a member who is ill or having a dinner party or just doesn’t feel like cooking. This is something you can do occasionally or you could make a larger batch of something you like to make once a week to provide a fresh or frozen meal for someone who doesn’t have time to cook or is ill. The recipient pays $US for the ingredients and TimeDollars for the cooking. You also get TimeDollars for the delivery, or the member can come pick it up at your home.

Another option for time-challenged individuals – look for offers to help YOU organize or do other routine things. For example, I know a member who goes to the library regularly. So when I want a book from the library, I go online and put a hold on it. When the library emails me that it’s ready, I forward the email to that member, she picks up my book and drops it off at my house. It saves me at least an hour of time as I don’t live near the library.

If you feel time-challenged and would like some help thinking of creative approaches to your offers or requests, please email Jan DeCourtney, SkillShare’s offer and request wizard, and she will help you figure out ways to save time using SkillShare.