By Melissa Mezger

It’s that time of year when we are reminded to reflect on that for which we are grateful. Even for those who cultivate an attitude of gratitude as a routine part of their life, this can be a time of paying extra attention to the people and things that support us, give us joy, or support those around us.

I’m grateful for the TimeBank Boulder community, for the great people I’ve met through many exchanges, and for the joy and support that TimeBankers bring to each other. I frequently hear from members about their positive exchanges, how they helped someone or were helped by another who was so generous. While we do earn TimeCredits for providing for others via exchanges, generosity still plays a major role in responding to others’ posts or going the extra mile for someone else, and I see this generosity among members all the time.
I’m grateful for each of you and your participation in our TimeBank.
Have you had TimeBank experiences that you are grateful for? Have you reached out to anyone lately to thank them for helping you?