Those who have been TimeBanking for a while cannot sing its praises enough! Here are some of the valuable features of our alternative economy and the community it creates.
Our People and Our Community are Diverse and Unified
 Our TimeBank is a community with the common purpose, goal, and focus of helping others and oneself get their needs met. Being part of an entire community of like-minded people has a depth and strength that is larger than, for example, a one-to-one interaction with a neighbor.
 Our TimeBank has live meetings with real people, either one-to-one (great for introverts) or in group events (great for extroverts). Exchanges usually happen in people’s homes as one-to-one events. We also have potlucks where we break bread together and events designed to educate, inform, and entertain.
 We are proud of our diversity of social groups, economic standing, educational background, age, and more. In our organization, you will meet people who are different from you and have very interesting offerings, backgrounds, skills, and talents.
TimeBanking is an International Movement of Sharing
 TimeBanking is a global movement within the sharing or alternative economy. Our sponsor, hOurworld, is an international organization of over 600 TimeBanks, and when you join us, you join their network. You can make exchanges with people all over the world. If you move away from the Boulder and Front Range area, your TimeDollars are usually transferrable to other TimeBanks in the Hourworld network.
Offers and Requests Come in All Shapes and Sizes
 The most popular services include things like massage therapy, home repair, sewing, moving, transportation (driving and errands), visits to the homebound, yard work, and leadership/committee work.
 People who think they don’t have skills are coached to make offers that fill the basic needs of others such as dog walking, errands, yard work, or phone calls.
 Items may also be given away, exchanged for TimeDollars, sold, or loaned.
 Some members offer special events to educate, inform, and entertain. Past events include a Fermentation Class, a mini-seminar on Light, Sleep, and Health, a hot tub soak, a tea party, and a series of mini-workshops on Sustainability. We’re planning on starting movie nights, and are interested in suggestions for other great events.
TimeBanking is Not Bartering
 You can volunteer to help others whenever you have free time and energy, without being required to make a regular time commitment.

 You do not need the same person to exchange back to you! After you provide a service, your time is recorded and you can spend it on the services of any other member.
 People who participate are screened via references and, in the case of elder or child care, a background check. Members also receive “Likes” when they have successfully completed exchanges, so you can easily see who is active and trustworthy in the organization.
 No taxes are due or payable because TimeBanking is not barter. It is a volunteer network. Sorry, IRS.
TimeBanking Offers Enormous Values and Benefits
 Our TimeBank provides a place where people can freely express their needs, whatever they might be. A person cannot post too many needs (requests) or make too many offers.
 A TimeBank offers opportunities for personal growth, experimentation, and learning.
 A TimeBank provides a great support network for people who are single, parents, elders, new in town, have chronic illnesses, or simply have time on their hands and wish to be useful to others.
Special Features of TimeBanking
 Our TimeBank offers special alerts (if a member needs something urgently) and team efforts (a group of people coming together to work on a single project).
 Many members make lasting interpersonal connections and real friendships with very caring individuals who enjoy helping others!
 TimeBank members offer the skills they enjoy doing most! You can have a great time doing what you love while simultaneously helping others.