In the beginning our founder, Octavia Allis, managed the finances. Then, a treasure joined our ranks; Omar Postigo.

As I recall, Octavia asked him to enter the notes for all the transactions into the SkillShare QuickBooks account she had created. They sat down together to review all the little paper slips she had collected and do just that, but it didn’t work out.

Then, Octavia moved to Virginia and Omar moved to Longmont. I remember mailing him all those little receipts, so he could enter them. No response. Some months later, he did not renew his membership and sent me a big package containing all the mail I had sent him – unopened. I figured out how to enter all of Octavia’s data and created a clean set of books.

Around year six, Margret Weyenberg joined SkillShare. She already had QuickBooks, so I gave her the data, and she became the Treasurer. I sent her records of all transactions as they happened so she could enter and track them. I also entered them into my QuickBooks account, just to be on the safe side.

When she learned that I was also tracking our finances, she did not renew her membership and sent me her QuickBooks data, which I didn’t use, preferring to continue using mine.

Some years later, Sherie Winert was elected treasurer. She did not want to use QuickBooks, preferring paper and pencil. As you can imagine, this didn’t work, and when she did not renew, the books came back to me.

I continued acting as de-facto treasurer/bookkeeper for many years until another gem joined TBB. Geoff Murphy has been handling our books ever since.