Spring is in the air bringing newness and growth! SkillShare is pleased to announce some great advances in our organization and we invite you to participate!

We’re updating some of our ways of being to make our organization more dynamic, more accessible, more inclusive, more active, more helpful, and more fun!  This is a process that will be ongoing over time and will bring interesting surprises to all of us as it unfolds.

What’s Changing at SkillShare

What we’re working on:

  • A new name to focus more attention on our location and timebanking
  • A new website to help recruit new members
  • A new way to announce and track our events using a website called Meetup.com
  • A blog to better communicate with existing members and recruit new members
  • New types of events such as our first movie night
  • Bringing in bilingual and then Spanish-speaking members
  • Collaborating with other organizations that are part of the sharing economy!

How You Can Help?

Please consider that participating with our organization’s dynamic helpers could be, for you, growthful, fun, and educational, and it could connect you with some really interesting folks in our organization.  Plus….  it would look great on your resume.

Earn Time Dollars And Help Us Grow

We encourage you to help us (for TimeDollars) with any of the following you are interested in.  This will make you a part of our dynamic growth spurt!  No special skills or training are needed for most of these positions, plus you will receive support from our leadership team.

Help Us Build Our Community

This type of experience and deeper connection with some of our members could be one of the best things you can do to enhance your life!

Assisting Positions:

  1. Welcoming Committee – Contact new members to see if they need help.  2 – 3 hours per month, at home, phone or email
  2. Speakers – Give talks and presentations about SkillShare to encourage people to join our organization.  As needed.
  3. Writer/reporter for Skoop E-newsletter – 2 – 3 hours per month, at home.  Your ideas or ours
  4. Potluck Assistant Coordinator – 4 – 5 hours per month, helping create potlucks and learning how to coordinate
  5. Match Maker – 2 – 5 hours per month, at home, using email.  Help match people’s offers with people’s requests.
  6. Spanish Liaison – Bilingual person who can help welcome Spanish-speaking members and help with logistics

Leadership Positions:

  1. Board Members – We would love to have 2 board members.  About 3 hours per month or more. Help our dynamic team make SkillShare even greater.
  2. Events Coordinator – Helping members create, plan, and offer events to members
  3. Farmer’s Market Coordinator – Guarding an entrance at the Farmer’s Market earns us a table where we can promote SkillShare and sign up new members.  We need someone immediately or we will not be doing this for 2016.
  4. Marketing Coordinator – Coordinate efforts among our different marketing avenues.
  5. Fundraising Coordinator – Create a fundraising plan and implement it.
  6. IT Manager – Coordinate all of our various internet platforms, etc.
  7. Work Team Managers – We have GREAT ideas for team efforts.  Would you like to choose one and coordinate it?  Gardening team, home repair team, new business startup team, auto repair team, energy efficiency team, health crisis support team.

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in any of these positions.  Those of us already helping SkillShare can tell you how much fun this is and how we are all growing and learning together.  Please join us.

Best wishes for your happy springtime!


Jan DeCourtney
SkillShare President