Do you have clothing to give away? Would you like to receive new clothing for free? Then come to TBB’s second women’s clothing exchange. Participation is easy. Just bring clean clothing in good condition that you’re willing to part with. You can bring tops, skirts, pants, sweaters, coats, jewelry, hair ornaments, shoes, purses, and/or accessories. Spend some time setting up—sorting items into groups by type—then spend more time trying things on. That’s about it. We’ll bundle up everything that doesn’t find a new home and donate it to a local charity so nothing goes to waste. (And if you have men’s or children’s clothing you’d like to donate, we will take that as well and include it with our donation, saving you the trip.) Last year, people left with new things they loved and more space in their closets. And it was loads of fun seeing everyone trying things on and putting together new outfits. Everyone brought a (non-sticky!) snack or drink to share last time, and that went really well, so we’re suggesting it again. Please bring your friends, TBB members or not. The more the merrier, and the better the selection! This event is scheduled for Saturday, August 25, from 10:30AM to 1:30PM at the Meadows Branch of the Boulder Public Library (4800 Baseline Road, Boulder). Please RSVP.