“I really hate to ask for help.
I grew up in a family where I needed to take care of myself, no matter what came up. As a therapist, I learned the benefit of being both the helper and the one seeking assistance. It is still very hard for me to ask for help, but my ability to transcend my own personal “block” became invaluable back in December when I needed help entertaining my puppy.
In 20110, the retina in my right eye had spontaneously “torn”, just one step away from a detachment and bringing with it the possibility of blindness. It was scary, but I was able to have laser surgery quickly. Then I had six weeks during which I could only walk slowly, and I could not bend over or lift anything weighing more than 20 pounds.
Then, last November, I was out walking my new, energetic puppy, and started seeing flashing lights in my left eye. A visit to the eye doctor revealed that the retina had not torn, but was in danger of doing so. Once again my activities were restricted, this time for four weeks. No lifting, bending, or moving. My husband was going out of town for a week, and… this puppy! How could I keep him entertained, and keep me from going crazy?
I contacted several people from SkillShare, some of who had advertised pet sitting and walking, and some who I knew from previous exchanges. If I could just get one person a day to come over and play with my pup for a little while, it would help.
Mary Headley, Corin Blanchard, Rachel Rubenstein, Elise Berlin, and Lisa Molbury all responded to my request. They each came over and played, and in a couple of cases, walked, with the puppy. It was nice to get to know them, and exercise the puppy at the same time.
Laura Denman McCall, with whom I had done a nature walk a couple of years ago, came over and played. She also shared some great training tips with me.
SarahKate Butterworth, to whom I had taught some Spanish a while ago, and who had taken some great pictures of me a couple of years ago, brought her delightful girls over, and we had fun playing with and training my puppy.
I am very appreciative of all those who responded, even those who contacted me only to tell me they could not help. Just knowing there are caring folks out there helps to ease life’s burdens when stress and feelings of isolation set in. Thank you so much, everyone who responded to my posts, especially those who came over to lend a hand.”