By Melissa Mezger

Have you ever wondered what the TimeBank Board of Directors does? And maybe how to play a bigger part in making our TimeBank thrive? Here’s a brief summary for those interested in the inner workings of our organization, and some info on how to get involved!

The TBB Board of Directors exists to ensure the day-to-day functioning and longevity of the organization. We perform a variety of tasks, including administrative functions to keep the organization in compliance with regulators (the state), overseeing committees (more on that in a bit), and maintaining financial stability.

The TBB Board of Directors is elected for a one-year term at our Annual Members’ Meeting in January. However, the board accepts applications at any time

and can appoint new board members throughout the year. Board members may be elected to a specific position, such as Treasurer or as an at-large member with no specific title.

So, what does a TimeBank Board member actually do? For starters, we meet every other month to check in with each other on how various efforts are going, plan important initiatives (e.g., new member drives, member potlucks, the annual meeting, etc.), and keep the organization running smoothly. We also make an effort to be good representatives of the organization by helping members make exchanges, encouraging participation, and providing information to members. It’s a great opportunity to build your TimeBank network (and rack up some serious time credits!).

You can always attend TimeBank board meetings since they are open to any member

who wishes to attend (an invite is sent out to members several days ahead of the meeting). Want to do more to help TimeBank Boulder be a thriving community of helping others? Consider becoming a member of our Board! Not sure, but curious? The board would love to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

What if you’re not ready to be on the Board but want to participate more? We’d love to have you participate on a committee! Committee members work together on specific projects like potluck planning or membership outreach. If you prefer working alone, you could still work on a committee on a task to your liking. Committees are supported by the board, but there is a lot of leeway in how much responsibility and work committee members choose to take on.

Join us, have fun, meet others, and help TBB thrive!