You may have noticed that the Board took a hiatus for the summer months, but not because we were all traveling the world and having amazingly wonderful experiences in far-flung places (at least not as far as I know; I certainly wasn’t!) The public health concerns related to the virus continue to be an issue as of this writing, and I have the feeling this is our “new normal”, at least for a while. It is our sincere hope that all of you have managed to maintain your livelihoods and your health, despite the considerable challenges that COVID has wrought. One of TBB’s goals is to serve our membership as best we can, so please do not hesitate to contact any of us if we can assist you. We’ll certainly try to meet whatever need arises or to help you find someone who can.

Despite all, TBB continues to function and grow. The Board met via Zoom in September and it is likely that meetings for the foreseeable future will continue be conducted in that format, including the annual meeting in January. During the September meeting, we had the pleasure of hosting several member guests, including multi-talented Kevin Bernadt (check out his offers!!); our illustrious accountant, Geoff Murphy; and recent transplant to Colorado, Mimi Usk. It seems the Zoom format makes it easier for TBBers to join us, since they can do so from the comfort of their home. We were delighted to have them join the Board meeting fun!

Speaking of the annual meeting, among the important events that day will be the election of the Board of Directors for 2021. Our illustrious leader, Don Parcher, will soon be sending out an email encouraging members to consider applying to be a part of next year’s Board with a brief membership application which can be filled out and returned to him. In that email, he will also share information regarding areas of TBB administration that could use member assistance like marketing, membership and more. Look for his email, and if you find an area of need that fits with your talents and/or interests, please consider filling out an application and returning it to Don at your earliest convenience. In addition to participating in good work for a good cause, Board members earn time dollars for their efforts. Have you been thinking about having someone assist you in getting your yard ready for winter or your garden ready for planting in the Spring? Here’s your chance to earn some TD to make that happen! Of course, TimeDollars can also be used in all exchange categories, but you knew that already!

As the heat of summer transitions to cooler, mellower autumn days, your Board wishes you good health and minimal stress as we face what could be a challenging winter. And, best of all, we wish you Happy Halloween! What are you going to be this year?