The Resource Library replaces the old category called Item. Over time we have found that “item” was too unclear and people didn’t click on it because they were unsure what it was or just assumed it didn’t relate to them.

The purpose of the Resource Library is to let everyone know what their fellow timebankers have for sale, loan, exchange, or free to other members.

Primary Coordinator Howard Lambert explains that it’s easy to use. The primary category is Resource Library. This is a general category which includes everything. Then there’s a secondary set of categories that break out “everything” into groups of similar items. Right now those categories are: Auto, Clothing, Home, Office, Sporting Goods, Tools, and Other. More categories can easily be added. Just contact Howard and he will take care of it.

Once you are within a secondary category, there are four options available. The owner of the item determines whether it will be listed as For Sale, For Loan, For exchange (for $TD), or For Free. The owner provides the description of the item and sets the rates (amount of $USD or $TD, the length of a loan, whether a $USD deposit is required, etc.).

So far we have a number of items available, most of them for loan, including stock pots, a knife sharpener, a 25-foot plumbing snake, and a set of six folding chairs.