SkillShare’s members are so wonderful!! Your leadership teams think you deserve to be recognized with great appreciation and celebration.
Howard Lambert, our Primary Coordinator, proposed giving awards quarterly to celebrate the sharing and giving that goes on in our community. Thereafter, the board of directors voted to add three additional awards to our existing “Outstanding Member of the Year” award. These three awards will be for “Exceptional Members” who provide help, service, and/or leadership to our TimeBank above and beyond what is expected.
And there’s more! All four award recipients will receive a $25 to thank them for what they do to help our community. The Outstanding Member of the Year will, as always, also have their name imprinted on the Outstanding Member of the Year recognition plaque. The board decided to give cash to the winners in order to allow each special member maximum flexibility to use their prize in whatever way is helpful and meaningful to them.
Howard and the Board will determine who receives the awards, and Howard will present them to the recipients at a potluck, special event, annual meeting, or by special arrangement. Naturally, all such awards will be featured in the SKOOP.
We appreciate the caring and sharing spirit of our members and realize how such generosity and service create meaningful assistance for so many of us. Thank you all for participating.