Well, it certainly appears that we struck a nerve in adding the Moving Team to TimeBank Boulder offers. It is an important need on the part of our members. And we’ve learned some things in the past couple of months about how to make the team more effective.

Please make note of the following information so you know how to proceed should you need to call upon the Moving Team’s support in your life. The greater the advance notice you can give about the date you will need help moving, the more likely I’ll be able to organize a crew of people to help you. A month’s advance notice is ideal. Less than that makes the move harder to pull off smoothly and without stress because enrolling busy TimeBank members and coordinating schedules to organize the move becomes more challenging with less notice.

Please use the checklist below to organize yourself so you can feed the information to me to pass on to the team.

  • How much big, heavy furniture needs to be moved? (Think strong backs here).
  • How much lighter weight furniture is there?
  • Will you need help packing things in boxes before the actual moving date?
  • How many people might you need to help pack boxes?
  • How many boxes will you need?
  • What are the addresses of the departure point and the location we’ll be moving stuff to?
  • Do you have a sense of how many hours you will need help with packing boxes and/or loading up and moving everything to your new home?

David Ward, the Moving Team Maestro, has this down. He provides the banana boxes which he gets from a local supermarket and which are reused over and over again because they stack so evenly, maximizing the amount of stuff the team can pack into the moving vehicle.

David also has access to both a vehicle that can be used for moving boxes and smaller items and a trailer for furniture and other larger items.. Each move you help with can add two to four hours to your SkillShare TimeDollar account. And the experience of teamwork is enlivening and fun! We can use two more packers and two more movers with strong backs on our team. Contact Christine Palafox, Moving Team Coordinator, with your packing and moving questions and requests, or if you want to become part of this important and valuab