SkillShare’s membership renewals occur during the month of March each year.  On March 1st, renewal notices are sent to members whose membership is up for renewal (see below).  If your membership is up for renewal, you receive communication from us, either by e-mail, or if we know you do not use e-mail, by postal mail.  If you specifically want postal mail renewal, please contact Renewal Coordinator Jan DeCourtney at or leave a message on the SkillShare office line: 303-306-8854.

Who is up for renewal March 2012:

1) Members who joined SkillShare prior to April 1, 2011

Who is NOT up for renewal:

1) Members who joined SkillShare on or after April 1, 2011.  Your first renewal will be March 2013.  You luck out and get additional months of membership free because of how annual renewals work – enjoy!

To Renew:

Visit our Renew Your Membership page


If you feel you received a renewal notice in error or if you think you should have received one and did not, please contact Renewal Coordinator Jan DeCourtney by leaving a voice message at the SkillShare office (303-306-8854) or emailing her at

For questions related to your Membership, Account Balance, Exchanges, etc. please contact your Neighborhood Coordinator.  Find out who your Neighborhood Coordinator is  in  our NC Directory.