Dear SkillShare Friends,

SkillShare events are a popular way for members to learn new skills, be entertained, make connections with other members, obtain useful information, eat delicious food, and participate in community!  We’ve had some awesome events in the past, and want to see many more! Events add value to your membership!

With this in mind, we have chosen as a central place for coordinating events.  We now have a page there!  It’s called “Boulder TimeBanking and Sharing Economy Events” and here is the link:

What’s fantastic about meetup is it is a central location where you can see ALL of our scheduled events …….. plus with their system of RSVPs, you can see all the people who will be attending each event.  It’s all clear and organized in one place.

In addition to interesting and fun member events, we will be including all New Member Orientations plus informational events about joining SkillShare TimeBank here  — tell your friends!

Stay tuned for even more value added to your membership, as we plan to collaborate with other Sharing Economy organizations!  People of all ages use meetup, especially the “computer generations,” and we hope to attract a lot of great new members and wonderful new skills for all of us to share.

RSVPs are simple.  Go to and click the red box in the upper right hand corner that says “JOIN US.”  Then follow the prompts.

We will include an RSVP link in all invitations.   You will also receive reminders about attending the events.

We believe that is the best way to manage our events.  We wish there was a place to do this on hourworld or our local website, but there isn’t.  Please be patient with us as we continue to learn how to best use the site.   If you have any comments or questions, please contact me.

Best wishes to you for a happy summer, and I hope to see you at many of our great SkillShare events!

For a better TimeBank,

Jan DeCourtney



PS:  RSVPs on meetup are especially great for people who want to maximize their use of SkillShare.  If you’re attending an event, for example, you can see who is coming, then check to see their offers and requests…….  then talk with them at the event about making an exchange!!!

Also if you want to review how to use the hourworld website or have questions about using SkillShare, simply sign up to re-attend any of the New Member Orientation events.