By Bonnie Sundance

I wanted MORE of the produce and gifts of the Farmers Market to sustain me through dark of winter!

So, I planned to get to the Longmont Winter Market on Saturday, December 3rd and reached out just days before to TBB member Laurie Dameron. I worked out bus schedules and riding my bike to meet Laurie at her place. She was ready right on time and off we drove to Longmont.

When we got to the Fairgrounds, the parking lot was packed with cars and inside the Exhibit building was PACKED with people. I had to find the Outrageous Baking Co. by asking someone who looked on the map of vendors. WHEW! I got my six loaves of pumpkin bread, gave one to Laurie, and put three in her freezer for storage when we got back to her place.

Before we left Longmont, we had time to drive a mile away to visit with my friend of 30 years, whom I hadn’t seen in three whole years!
Laurie got me back in time for me to get to my weekly Saturday swim at the Mapleton pool.

In the evening I enjoyed steaming the fresh picked chard from Toohey’s greenhouse: delicious! And have pears ripening on the shelf from Fresh Fruits. I love our local farmers.

Without Laurie’s help, I couldn’t have done this!
And, since I couldn’t carry the potatoes, squash, and boxes of soup I got on sale at Natural

Grocers the week before home on the bus, she’s graciously allowed me to keep a box of food under her kitchen table to pick up later. Laurie is such a blessing.

Thanks Laurie and thanks Time Bank Boulder!