NOTE:  THIS ARTICLE NEEDS TO BE EDITED WITH THE NEW NAME TIMEBANK BOULDER.  Did you know that TimeBank Boulder is on Twitter? Do you even know what that question means?

Twitter is a popular social media platform used by millions of people, organizations, and businesses to share information with the world. What’s so interesting about Twitter; is that it’s an open system where anyone can search for and see information that was posted. You don’t have to be “friends” with someone to see what they share on Twitter – you just have to have a Twitter account (free) and then “follow” whoever you are interested in.

Twitter sends out information in small posts “Tweets” that are only 140 characters, so there is no long-winded chatter.

Twitter is also a great platform for building a community because of its open and democratic way of sharing information. Because TimeBank Boulder is trying to find, recruit, and signup new members, we are using Twitter to get the word out about events, meetings, news, etc.

If you’re already on Twitter be sure to follow us @SkillShareTB to see our latest Tweets. And be sure to Tweet any news, events, photos, videos, links, successful exchanges, links to articles about the sharing economy, or anything else you find interesting and relevant. If you Tweet about SkillShare, be sure to use @SkillShareTB in your Tweet. That ensures that SkillShare is notified of your Tweet and can share it with the whole SkillShare community. Sending out something someone Tweeted, which is what we would do if you Tweeted about SkillShare, is called “reTweeting,” and we hope to do a lot of it.

Another interesting thing about Twitter is its use of hashtags. Hashtags are words, sometimes called keywords, related to particular topic that people use to connect information on that topic. Some of the keywords you can search for information related to SkillShare are #timebank, #timebanking, #sharingeconomy, #coproduction and #localism. (That mark in front of the word that used to be called a pound sign is now referred to as a hashtag and is what marks something as a Tweet search.) In a recent search we found over 60 timebanking organizations on Twitter.

You can find SkillShare on Twitter at: skillshareTB. If you need help getting setup or using Twitter, among SkillShare member Ed Narvaez’s offers is assistance getting you or your business set up. You can find him on Twitter at @ed_narvaez, or look him up the old-fashioned way on the hOurworld website. Happy Tweeting!