Long-time member SarahKate Butterworth has added another coloring book to her myriad offerings related to the decoration and honoring of pregnant and nursing mothers. (She specializes in henna tattoos for pregnant and nursing women.) The first one was designed for the holidays and this one is dedicated to images of birds – mamas and babies of course.

Coloring is not only fun for kids, it’s really good for grownups and it’s a wonderful thing to do with your kids or someone else’s. According to Psychology Today, coloring helps people to switch off from work and facilitates the process of relaxing and unwinding at any time. In addition, coloring has been shown to help people focus and reduce the production of adrenaline, which has a calming effect. Other sources note that coloring has long been used as a form of active meditation. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun!

You can download and print out the coloring books at http:// www.artfullmother.com/coloring-book. SarahKate has also created an online and print publication called Artfull Mother Magazine, which has local editions for Boulder and Denver. It is designed specifically for pregnant, postpartum, and nursing mothers, and the amazing people who serve them. You can read it at: http://issuu.com/artfullmother/docs/artfull_mother_magazine-winter2015-? e=19325370/32144584.