By Melissa Mezger

When one posts an Offer or Request, the poster must select an amount of time that the Offer or Request will remain active. At the end of that period, or if the poster goes back into hOurworld and changes the timeline on a currently active post to Suspend Listing, the post is automatically suspended. This means it is not visible, but it isn’t deleted entirely from the system. It can even be re-posted at that point as a fresh post and it will then be re-announced to the group in the weekly email.

For example, I have posted an offer for several years now for holiday gift wrapping. It is a seasonal offer so I set it to expire automatically around the end of December. To repost it the next year, I just have to go into hOurworld (by logging in to, click on Services>Edit My Offers, locate my suspended listing, change the dropdown that says “Suspend Listing” to a new timeline like “1 Month” and then click Publish. While I’m on that page, I can also look at other suspended listings to see if any are no longer applicable (so I can click the trash can to delete them) or if there are others that I’d also like to repost.