Wow! There are few things more wonderful than making a lot of exchanges with my TimeBank friends! Saturday, July 14 was a super great day with three members coming over to my house! I love the community feeling!

First, brand new member Charlie McCowan came over to help out with our internet presence. He spent a couple of hours learning what we’ve already got going and implementing new ideas for our website, Mailchimp, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, and Meetup. We’re pleased to have him help. Between him and Paul Bailey, I think we have a very competent team for our internet marketing.

While he was there, Devan Pope came over to borrow several tables to use at his wedding reception on July 18. I was glad to see him so excited about his wedding and thrilled that he sent a photo of him and his beautiful bride cutting their lovely rainbow-inspired cake. They sure look happy!

 Then, in the afternoon, long-time member Paul Douglas came over to help me re-install two Plexiglas window coverings that we had previously taken down together so I could wash them. They had been quite dirty and now they look so much better – and let in more of our wonderful Colorado sunshine!

I really appreciate the way everyone helps each other, creating a caring community and organization where people can ask for help and be of service to others. I hope we continue to grow together as a community and an organization with a growing membership and unique offerings and programs.