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We all have a skill to give.

Neighbors have been helping neighbors for years. We enable this as an alternative to the cash economy, providing a powerful network of services to support you and your community. Learn MoreGet Started

Time Bank Boulder connects Colorado Front Range residents to each other and to several local community service organizations. We enable a time-based currency called TimeDollars. For each hour you help someone in the TimeBank Boulder community, you earn one TimeDollar, which you can then  ‘spend’ on someone else in the TimeBank Boulder community helping you.  It’s simple, yet powerful – both for you and for your community.


Movie Night!
Come see AVATAR with your SkillShare friends

Craigslist Help
Do you need help selling items on Craigslist? I can help

Loaning Plumbing Snake
I have a 25’ hand-operated plumbing snake that you can borrow

General Home Repair
Small Home Repair, Plumbing, Insulation, Electrical

Therapeutic Massage
I’m a licensed massage therapist with 18+ years experience


Moving Help
Member Rae W. needs two people to move an armoire

Newsletter help
Proofreader needed for our monthly e-newsletter

Yard and Garden help
Our volunteer gardeners did not show up and everything is weeds

Pet Care
Catsitter needed for 5 days sometime this summer. We can work around your schedule

Supervised Play Dates
Would like my daughters (2-1/2 years, 4 months) to be around other children, parents


April Potluck Grows Exchanges and Fun

April Potluck Grows Exchanges and Fun

SkillShare had its Spring Potluck on April 25th. About 25 folks attended, including current and future members.
We were entertained by Overflow, the duet/band featuring the lovely and talented Athena Valentina and SkillShare member Jay Wyshak. They performed during the social hour, with several members getting up and dancing. We had great food and then president Jan DeCourtney spoke about our interest in expanding what Boulder SkillShare TimeBank is doing, with offers for positions where people can use their creativity, learn and help others. Please consider sharing your time.

This was followed by members announcing something they need (requests) and something they’d like to do for others (offers). The discussion was characterized by the wonderful warmth and caring of the members of this organization.

There was wonderful food and lots of socializing and networking, making and strengthening connections and friendships, and
camaraderie. Many thanks to Dorothy Cohen who coordinated the event, and to Jordan Davies
for assisting. Potlucks are one way that our members enjoy the warmth of a caring and supportive
community. It’s fun to see those you’ve helped and who help you, and to make new

Our Potluck Team will be planning more such events — on different days of the week, at different times, and at different locations — to provide opportunities for as many members as
possible to attend at least once each year. Knowing other members makes all the difference in being part of this community. It adds a dimension of familiarity and friendship that enhances belonging to our organization If you have access to a place where we can hold a potluck please contact Dorothy Cohen(

The next pot luck will be June 5th at Bonnie Sundance’s home just above Nederland.


New TBB Category: Resource Library

The Resource Library replaces the old category called Item. Over time we have found that “item” was too unclear and people didn’t click on it because they were unsure what it was or just assumed it didn’t relate to them. The purpose of the Resource Library is to let...

Ashley Dorris Receives PC Award for Q1 2017

Each quarter the Primary Coordinator (that’s me!) has the special obligation of selecting the winner of the Primary Coordinator’s Award. This first quarter of 2017 was a particularly easy choice. Ashley Dorris attended her New Member Orientation on December 21, 2015...

Meet Natural Highs: Our Newest Organizational Member

What’s an organizational member, you ask. That’s easy, it’s a non-profit that joins TimeBank Boulder as a member. That means the organization itself is a member—it’s members can join as individual members too, of course. Being a member as an organization allows our...

TimeBanking Helps the World!!!!

How many of you were in Denver on Saturday (January 21) for the Women’s March? (About three people raised their hand). How many of you wished you had been there? (Almost everybody in the room raised their hand). Did you know that there were 673 different sister...

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